Important information for reviewers

Some of the articles on Vigyaan can be Peer-reviewed. The peer-review system can be accessed by pressing the button “Peer review this article” below the ‘Bibliography section. You can see example of a peer-review on the following articles:

Information for reviewers

The Peer-review system on “Vigyaan” is open community review system, wherein anyone having the knowledge of the subject or overall understanding of the scientific publishing can review the article. The reviews can focus on one or both of the following two  main areas:

  1. Language Review: Overall structure of the article / clarity of the content, grammar etc
  2. Content review: In dept critical review of the content presented in the article

All the peer reviews are kept blind and the name and identities of the reviewers are not published on the website. We believe that this will help the reviewers to raise difficult queries and concerns that they may hesitate to raise while their names and identities are open to the public and published on the website. This decision was also taken after an open community discussion.

While the peer reviews on “Vigyaan” are open for everyone, but the reviewers are kindly requested to take care of the following general points while reviewing the article.

  1. Is the article written in simple to understand language, grammar, sentence formation and overall quality of the article from language and content clarity point of view? Suggestions, if any to improve the same.
  2. Does the introduction provide enough information so that the reader can understand the article if he or she were not familiar with the topic?
  3. Are the facts reported in the article accurate?
  4. Are the citations used in the article to support various statements are authentic, high quality, valid citations?
  5. Does the author provide balanced viewpoints on a specific topic if there is debate over the topic in the literature?
  6. Is the information and data presented in the article are of high quality and has it been analyzed correctly? If the analysis is incorrect, what should the authors do to correct this?
  7. Does the author reflect and provide lessons learned from a specific personal experience/historical event/work of a specific person?
  8. Does the conclusion of the article accurately summarize the contents of the article?
  9. Do the conclusions and outlooks outline the future course of action / line of research on the topic?
  10. Do the conclusions follow from the information provided by the author?
  11. Are there specific areas in which the author can provide more detail to help the reader better understand the article? Or are there places where the author has provided too much detail that detracts from the main point?
  12. What could be the further implications of the article?
  13. From reviewers view point, the overall quality of the article on the scale of one to five star (Five star the best)